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Human Biology & BioImaging


Ars legendi Faculty Award goes to Dagmar Hann and Daniela Meilinger
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Latest Publications:

Bunk D, Moriasy J, Thoma F, Jakubke C, Osman C and Hörl D (2022). YeastMate: Neural network-assisted segmentation of mating and budding events in S. cerevisiae. Bioinformatics, 38, 2667-2669. PubMed

Leidescher S, Ribisel J, Ullrich S, Feodorova Y, Hildebrand E, Galitsyna A, Bultmann S, Link S, Thanisch K, Mulholland C, Dekker J, Leonhardt H, Mirny L and Solovei I (2022). Spatial organization of transcribed eukaryotic genes. Nat Cell Biol., 24, 327-339. PubMed

Zhang H, Romero H, Schmidt A, Gagova K, Qin W, Bertulat B, Lehmkuhl A, Milden M, Eck M, Meckel T, Leonhardt H and Cardoso MC (2022). MeCP2-induced heterochromatin organization is driven by oligomerization-based liquid–liquid phase separation and restricted by DNA methylation. Nucleus, 13, 1-34. PubMed

Brandstetter K, Zülske T, Ragoczy T, Hörl D, Guirao-Ortiz M, Steinek C, Barnes T, Stumberger G, Schwach J, Haugen E, Rynes E, Korber P, Stamatoyannopoulos JA, Leonhardt H, Wedemann G and Harz H (2022). Differences in nanoscale organization of regulatory active and inactive human chromatin. Biophys J., 121, 977-990. PubMed

Zhang L, Isselstein M, Köhler J, Eleftheriadis N, Huisjes N, Guirao M, Narducci A, Smit J, Stoffels J, Harz H, Leonhardt H, Herrmann A and Cordes T (2022). Linker Molecules Convert Commercial Fluorophores into Tailored Functional Probes during Bio-labeling. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 61, e202112959. PubMed




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