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Human Biology & BioImaging

Latest Publications:

Yamaguchi K, Chen X, Rodgers B, Miura F, Bashtrykov P, Bonhomme F, Salinas-Luypaert C, Haxholli D, Gutekunst N, Aygenli BÖ, Ferry L, Kirsh O, Laisné M, Scelfo A, Ugur E, Arimondo PB, Leonhardt H, Kanemaki MT, Bartke T, Fachinetti D, Jeltsch A, Ito T and Defossez PA (2024). Non-canonical functions of UHRF1 maintain DNA methylation homeostasis in cancer cells. Nat Commun., 15, 2960. PubMed

Zülske T, Attou A, Groß L, Hörl D, Harz H and Wedemann G (2024). Nucleosome spacing controls chromatin spatial structure and accessibility. Biophys J., 2024 Feb 27, S0006-3495(24)00158-9. Epub ahead of print. PubMed

Bachem K, Li X, Ceolin S, Mühling B, Hörl D, Harz H, Leonhardt H, Arnoult L, Weber S, Matarlo B, Prud'homme B and Gompel N (2024). Regulatory evolution tuning pigmentation intensity quantitatively in Drosophila. Sci Adv., 10, eadl2616. PubMed

Palikyras S, Sofiadis K, Stavropoulou A, Danieli-Mackay A, Varamogianni-Mamatsi V, Hörl D, Nasiscionyte S, Zhu Y, Papadionysiou I, Papadakis A, Josipovic N, Zirkel A, O'Connell A, Loughran G, Keane J, Michel A, Wagner W, Beyer A, Harz H, Leonhardt H, Lukinavicius G, Nikolaou C and Papantonis A (2024). Rapid and synchronous chemical induction of replicative-like senescence via a small molecule inhibitor. Aging Cell, 9, e14083. PubMed







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